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Day 41-44, Skellefteå

October 18, 2012

Day 41, 22.8, Honningsvåg- Kukkolankoski/Tornio (-Skellefteå)

It’s 1000km from Honningsvåg to Skellefteå, so decided just to start hitch-hiking as far as possible. And in the end I covered 750km.

I got rides in trucks the whole distance and changed only once (in a town called Alta). The landscape up there in the north is beautiful, wide and reindeer are all over and often run on the street.

The last trucker, who at first was a bit upset having taking me because he didn’t see my backpack at my hitch-hiking spot, even helped me finding a location at night where I could build up my tent.

Day 42, 23.8, Kukkolankoski-Skellefteå

The remaining 250km were jinxed. It took me 5 rides and 7 hours in total. However I was happy to be in Sweden.

Day 43, 24.8, Skellefteå

My host, a German constructor, was cool guy. He let me be in his apartment as if it was mine as well.

I walked around the town a bit, up a hill and collected some blue berries.

In the evening I went with him and a friend of his to a bar.

Day 44, 25.8, Skellefteå

I did nothing, but writing some post cards and checking possible hitch-hiking spots.

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<Previous (Nordkapp)Next (South Sweden)>

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