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Day 45-50, south Sweden, back home

October 18, 2012

Day 45, 26.8, Skellefteå-Stockholm- South Sweden

To the last place in south Sweden, where I was going to surf, it was about 1500km from Skellefteå. I knew I would be on the road for at least two days and mentally prepared not to sleep that night.

It was hard to hitch-hike. I waited for 2.5h to get a ride to Umeå which is 120km away.

But after another 2.5 hours of waiting I had big luck . A man from El Salvador, returning from visiting his daughter, drove me to Stockholm. He was a nice guy and we talked in Swedish, because his English was not very good. But that way I could use my “immense” Swedish language skills.

After he left me in Stockholm I tried to get out of the city for the whole night, without success. I only got one ride near the centre.

Day 46, 27.8, Stockholm-south Sweden

So all night I stood outside at a slip road to the highway, because it’s not allowed to hitch on them. But it was windy, a bit rainy and cold, so at 6am I took the bus to the train station. Actually you have to pay for the ticket with a special card, which I didn’t own. Fortunately the bus driver didn’t care.

At the main station I even considered to interrupt hitch-hiking home. But I had come so far, that I only warmed myself up for 2h and took the metro outside of Stockholm.

There I waited for 2 hours again – it was 10am – , but then I was taken by Richard Herrey, who won the Grandprix Eurovision de la Chanson/Eurovision Song Contest in 1984! He and his wife were really friendly. Her first question after I sat down was, whether I’d be a murder.

We had nice conversations, but I didn’t want to take a photo in the end.

They dropped my off at a highway restaurant offering hundreds of sweets.

There I finally could build a bridge to last year’s journey, because an Iranian took me all the way to Lund, where my host picked me up later that afternoon.

I was really happy, that hitch-hiking went this easy once I was out of Stockholm.

My hosts, a young family with their 3 month old son are living on the beautiful Swedish countryside. They have three cosy 200 year old farm houses, of which one was for guests.

Day 47, 28.8, south Sweden

I slept a bit longer that morning and went with the mother to the southern most point of Sweden – Smygehuk.

In the afternoon I made a 2 hour bicycle tour around the area. When I came home, we ate self-made pizza, played a board game and relaxed in the whirlpool with a beer and chatting.

Day 48, 29.8, south Sweden

I made another bike tour that day. But this time, I rode to the coast. Unfortunately at the beach it was not sunny and warm at all, but foggy and the water was nearly as cold as Barents Sea. So I rode some kilometres inside the country, ate some ice cream and read.

After 7.5 hours I returned to make apple dumplings again and we played cards in the evening.

Day 49, 30.8, south Sweden

As the last day in Skellefteå, I didn’t do much. I baked typical Swedish cinnamon rolls.

In the evening, we continued the card game and really had a lot of fun while playing.

Day 50, 31.8, south Sweden-Berlin

I was driven to Trelleborg, where I intended to take the ferry to Germany. But before I bought some “souvenirs” in the ICA supermarket.

Again it seemed that I would be in bad luck finding someone to go to Berlin with. But last minute a trucker (Tim), whom I have spoken to earlier and refused to take me, returned and let me hop on.

During the crossing of the Baltic Sea which lasted 6 hours, I sat outside reading, enjoying the beautiful sunset and recapping my journey.

Tim dropped my off in Potsdam where I took S-Bahn to my home.

I arrived at home 1st September at 2am.

Thanks for reading and I’d be glad, when you tell your friends or share the travel journey on social networks

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<Previous (Skellefteå)

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