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Day 39-40, Nordkapp

October 18, 2012

Day 39, 20.8, Murmansk- Honningsvåg/ Nordkapp (North Cape)

I tried to find the bus that could have taken me to a good spot to hitch-hike from Murmansk to the Norwegian border (Kirkenes), although the border zone on the Russian side is a prohibited area.

However I didn’t catch the bus, so I ran to a hotel, where a travel agency run their buses to Kirkenes. I was lucky and caught the only bus that day, which was just about to leave when I arrived.

Who ever thought of paying for a ZeroG-flight can just pay 20€ for the trip Murmansk-Kirkenes, because the street was so bad, the passengers were hardly able to sit for a minute in their seats but bounced all the time. The countryside to the border was sometimes beautiful and sometimes it looked like Mordor in The Lord of the Rings. And the last town before the border – with the beautiful name Nikel 😉 – could represent the Mount Doom with it’s factories producing clouds of black smoke.

I had no problems to exit Russia and enter Norway. With this step my dream of travelling to Scandinavia over land became true and I was really happy. The weather was sunny – all was perfect.

In addition it was quite easy to hitch-hike towards Nordkapp irrespective Honnigsvåg, which is the last “town” before Nordkapp.
It came in handy, that there was a 2 hour time difference between Russia and Norway, that gave me 2 additional hours to more light.

First I went with an old couple that was singing old songs about the landscape. Then without waiting time a native inhabitant – a Sami – picked my up followed by a young fisherman who first drove past me but returned a couple of minutes later. He took me the longest part towards Nordkapp, but went himself to Hammerfest.
So the last part of the way I travelled with some Russians to Honnigsvåg, where we arrived at 8pm.
I thought they were going to Nordkapp, but they weren’t.

I didn’t want to spent 20€ in the youth hostel, so I climbed a hill next to the road and I built up my tent at a reservoir with a nice view over the town.

Day 40, 21.8, Nordkapp

It was so cold at night that it hurt, but when I woke up at 3am it was not dark at all.

In the morning I managed to contact R., who lives near Honnigsvåg, where I decided to stay for one day, because it was a wonderful place he lived in.

At 10am R. even drove me all the way to Nordkapp, where I took the usual tourist photos.

It was hard to hitch-hike back to Honnigsvåg, I had to walk for maybe 90minutes till a car stopped and drove me a couple of kilometres.

Back at R.’s house I took a small swim in the cold Barents Sea, which wasn’t as cold as I expected, but still it’s an arctic sea.

In the evening we mixed German apple dumplings with a traditional Norwegian meat meal, which was very delicious. I haven’t been that full for quite a long time.

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