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Day 34-35, 62h to Petrozavodsk

October 18, 2012

Day 34, 15.8, Egorievsk-Moscow-Piter

After 50 minutes of sleep, A.  and I took the commuter train back to Moscow and then the metro.
But that trip was really horrible. The metro ran every 30 seconds, nevertheless the track remained full of people. Inside the metro it was worse. With my huge and heavy backpack I felt totally uncomfortable and sick.

I sweated like I never did before – and I’m a really active guy. I guess everyone thought I have a very bad illness and will die soon. Even A. said as good-bye that Metro in the morning is not a good place for a traveller like – she was completely right….
So I had no choice but to recover for 20 minutes before I changed the metro.

In the northern vicinity of Moscow I started hitch-hiking to Piter. After two hours waiting I met Vladimir, a boy from Piter with whom I was going to travel to Piter. The first driver was a drunk Russian, who didn’t like Germans. He didn’t speak German, but some English. After us he picked us a couple, who even offered him more alcohol. It was not scary, just seemed unreal and was hard to stand his antipathy and his drunk behaviour. Fortunately we could convince him to let us out after what felt one hour.

Ironically the next driver was a admirer of Germany and probably only stopped, because I had a German flag with me, which I held under our sign.

He dropped us 110km before Piter in the middle of the night. Though we were picked up by a truck driver who drove us near a police check point near Vladimir’s home. The officer was very kind. He learned German at school and forced a bus driver to take us to Vladimir’s home.

So after 15 hours, at around 3.15am we arrived in Piter.

Day 35, 16.8, Piter-Petrozavodsk

I didn’t sleep. In Vlad’s flat, we just had a little breakfast at 4am. Then we climbed some rooftops of huge nearby apartment buildings, which was not quite legal – so it was typically Russian style. Though it was amazing to see the sunrise over the awaking St. Petersburg.

At 7am I took a metro to the train station, bought a ticket to Petrozavodsk and took a little breakfast at McD.

The train journey to Petrozavodsk was not exiting, the nature was nice to watch, the Karelia region looks really awesome and quite Scandinavian.

Petrozavodsk itself it a small town at the edge of one of the biggest lakes in Russia, but somehow I didn’t feel like staying there for more than one night. (In fact my sister was going abroad and that day I decided to be back, before her flight goes.)

After 62 hours with only 4h of sleep, I finally went to bed.

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<Previous (Yegoryevsk) – Next (Murmansk)>

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