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Day 31-33, Yegoryevsk

October 18, 2012

Day 31, 12.8, Moscow-Yegoryevsk

It was time to visit the last of the unusual sights: mining cars near Voskresensk, ~150km south of Moscow.

I was very fortunate concerning this plan. There are only few host in that region. But when I contacted one of them, she instantly knew what I was talking about and even checked the location out several times before I arrived.
I met with her at Vykhino station south of Moscow, but because I lost directions, we nearly missed the train.

A., like many other passengers, didn’t pay for the ticket. When the ticket inspector is about to come to the waggon, they just go to the very back door. At you can the the crowd of people see running to a door being at the beginning of the waggon. It seems to be totally tolerated by the Russian ticket inspectors.

In Egorievsk I used a bike again and together with A.s friend R. we rode through the town.

In the evening we met with R.’s friends Artjem and Tolja who welcomed me with a nice gesture of Russian-Germany friendship way to play poker, eat cake and smoke water pipe.

Day 32, 13.8, Yegoryevsk

In the afternoon, it was time to visit the huge mining cars. Of course, we – A.,R., Artjem and me – went there by bike. The roads were typical Russian style off-road and after 2.5h we arrived, passing some dogs watching over the area. They looked thin, but didn’t attack us.

And then I was at the place, which I only saw on Google’s satellite map before.
We explored the area and even one of the two machines. One was called
TAKRAF ERs 710 and was produced in the German Democratic Republic (aka East Germany), not far from Berlin.

At 8pm we decided to ride home and took another way, although when we flipped a coin we should have taken the way we came. But three boys don’t repress their adventure spirit because of a coin. So we chose the new path.

It ended in a great adventure and sometimes I really thought we should sleep somewhere in the Russian wilderness. The road was really bad, it became dark quickly, there where water holes and Artjem fell in one of them…After 3h we finally found the right way, everyone ordered a mango shake at Макдоналдс. Back at R.’s flat we drunk some nice hot tea and laughed about our “journey”.

Day 33, 14.8, Yegoryevsk

This day was a recovery day from the last one. We gave my bike back to A.’s brother and his nice family.

In the evening, I made pancakes German style, but the pan’s handle broke. Later, I went with all of the guys to a bar and we had a great last evening together.

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