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Day 26-30, Moscow

October 18, 2012

Day 26, 7.8, Piter-Moscow

I especially got up early to hitch-hike all the way to Moscow. At 8am I started…but at noon still nobody stopped. With the help of L. I sadly went back the train station in Piter and bought a ticket to Moscow for the evening.

Day 27, 8.8, Moscow

I arrived in the capital of Russia at 3.30am. Well what to do at this time? I gave my backpack to a nice MTS seller and went to Kremlin, along the Moskva. So it turned out to be great that I couldn’t find anyone to take me to Moskow the day before.

The streets with 4 lanes each direction were empty, the Kremlin and St. Basil’s Church were lightened, which was a beautiful contrast to the dark sky. There were no tourists at Red Square, only people who cleaned the surrounding area. It was an awesome moment.

During sunrise I went back to the station to pick up my backpack and to take the first metro to my host’s flat.

I could sleep there for 30 minutes before I went to the city again, because she had to go to work.

This time I experienced Red Square during daytime and took a look inside St. Basil’s Church.

In the afternoon I took the metro to a quite unknown “sight”: a cemetery of former military air planes and helicopters on an old airfield.

Day 28, 9.8, Moscow

I had to change my host, but at first I left my backpack at my first host’s place. Then I was on the way to another special “sight”. This time it was a radio telescope which was told to be abandoned. One apparently was, but when I stepped through a whole in the wired, a car just passed 20m in front of me. So I rather hurried to get out of there, but still didn’t left the area and continued to another telescope.

This turned out to be still working and many people were around. Even the GPS of my mobile I used to get close was jammed nearby, so I left quickly being glad nobody captured me for spying on possibly military property and hitch-hiked back to the metro station. The driver recommended to visit Tretyakov gallery which is the little brother of the Hermitage.

Later this afternoon I met with a friend of my new host E.. We went to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and then took the metro to Gorki Park. I collected my backpack and went back with her friends of to Red Square, where we drank wine by the Kremlin’s wall.

Day 29, 10.8, Moscow

I walked to a park of Russia’s cosmonauts and along ВДНХ (VDNK – all Russia exhibition centre).

In the evening we bought something to predrink. We met Tomasz, a guy from last evening, and his host in a bar, drank 4 shots of vodka each and changed the place. Unfortunately the doorman didn’t let me and one of my host’s friend in. So we went to another place, drank another vodka and a beer. On our way home, we lost Tomasz somewhere in Moscow. We searched for him some time, but decided that he would definitely find his way to his host’s place and arrived at home at 7.30am.

Day 30, 11.8, Moscow

I slept for 90min and then left for Kremlin, because on Saturday a military parade takes places.

After Kremlin I wanted to say hello to Lenin, but 10 seconds before I could enter nobody was let in any longer. Therefore I did like the Scorpions sang in Wind of Change and, in the rain, followed the Moskva down to Groki Park, passing the monument of Peter Ist and the Soviet Space Shuttle Buran.

In the evening back at L.s place we drank vodka with her friends till we got drunk and played several round of the card game UNO.

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