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Day 21-25, St. Petersburg

October 18, 2012

Day 21, 2.8, Tallinn-St. Petersburg

I took the a bus at 8am to get outside Tallinn and after 20 minutes I could sit in a truck for the first time of my life. Andrei the driver showed me a funny sign, being placed just in the middle of nowhere saying “Attention! Old people” and dropped me off 80km before Narva, the Estonian-Russian border town.

Unfortunately it took me 4 hours to finally get these 80km to Narva, which made me really sick. Even Andrei passed by again but couldn’t help me out because he wasn’t going there.

Crossing the border was really boring, but eventually it’s just a border.

Then I started to hitch-hike to St. Petersburg, was taken 25km to the next town. From there I was taken the complete distance by Vladimir who could even speak some German. And I got to know traffic Russian style . That means driving 100km/h over a bridge where 40 is allowed or overtaking literally breath-taking. It seemed you could not overtake untill your car had nearly touch the one in front. But I really arrived alive in St. Petersburg and had to experience that Russian cash-machines, although they ask you “Continue in Russian or English?”, just continue in Russian.

At the metro station my Russian host L. picked me up and even provided me a cool mountain bike to experience the crazy traffic by bike!

Day 22, 3.8, Piter

In the morning I visited Spas ni Korvi the Chruch of Blood which was really amazing with its colourful onion domes and the St. Isaacs Cathedral.

Because L. had kind of an exhibition in the evening, we went to her gallery in the afternoon. By bike through the “not as chaotic as expected” Piter (as Russians call St. Petersburg). Still we were the only ones using bikes I saw during this 30 minute ride.

She presented a bicycle tour around Düsseldorf and later on we watched Alice in the cities (by Wim Wenders)

Day 23, 4.8, Piter

That day it was time to visit the famous Hermitage. Thanks to student discount, I even could enter for free. I really liked this huge art exhibition, walking just through, being amazed by the paintings and interior decoration.

At night L. and I rode into the city again to watch certain bridges flap. It is a tradition in Piter for centuries. Every night at certain times certain bridges flap so that big ships can enter/exit the city.

Day 24, 5.8, Piter/Peterhof

I was not really impressed by Peterhof, which we visited that Sunday. The golden palace was nice, but somehow the park was kind of boring and the fountains didn’t improve that impression.

At least the train station of Petrovorets was pretty.

Day 25, 6.8, Piter

I walked around Piter again. Because I couldn’t climb the St. Isaac’s Collonade the first time I did it. You have a good view over the city, although it was a bit cloudy, when I was up there. Then I walked to Mars field with its eternal flame. After crossing Neva river I entered the Peter & Paul citadel. Before L. made really delicious Oladuschki (pancakes Russian style) in the evening, I went for a metro station sightseeing tour.

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