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Day 16-20, Tallinn

October 18, 2012

Day 16, 28.7, Riga-Pärnu

Because I had to abort my bicycle trip, I took the bus out of Riga, which wasn’t that easy. The fact, that I didn’t want to walk a long distance to a good hitch-hiking spot resulted missing the right bus stop, so I lost some hours – no problem.

However a CEO of a company building ships took me all the way to Pärnu.

At the Estonian border there was no common “Welcome to Estonia, in EU” sign but one of McDonald’s.

In Pärnu I built up my tent next to a river, swam in there and spent the evening with some beers and two families without a proper citizenship but roots in Russian in the evening.

Day 17, 29.7, Pärnu-Tallinn

After having swum in the morning and eaten breakfast I was taken by a young mother, who was about to start her journey to Romania by car, in her Audi A4 to Tallinn.

The first day in Tallin was not really great. Sitting in a park next to a church, I searched the whole rest of the day for some CS hosts, my eBook reader reset, so all the books were deleted and I wasn’t able to use the internet any more.

In the end I checked in at hostel and spent the night in a huge dormitory. At least I ate a Falafelburger from Hesburgers in which was really delicious.

Day 18, 30.7, Tallinn

I left the hostel early, stored my backpack at the station and walked through the nice old town of Tallinn, Toompea which lays on a hill and a maritime museum.

When I was finished, I still haven’t found any host and the hostels seemed to be full, too.

But luckily at 9pm I. called and “saved” me from sleeping a park and invitited me to stay in her apartment with her room-mate Imre.

Day 19, 31.7, Tallinn

I made a walking tour again and could watch 2 Days in New York in the afternoon for free. In the evening I prepared pancakes for my host, Imre and me.

Day 20, 1.8, Tallinn

Most of day just passed by with restoring my eBook. In the afternoon I. and me went to the “real” and very interesting and well-designed maritime museum.

In the evening together Imre, I. and their friend Alex we drank Honey beer in the famous restaurant OldeHansa, which was OK but not very spectacular. Afterwards we went to kind of famous Valli Baar and I drank a Millimallika (Lion’s Mane Jellyfish) and the one of my host. That was a nice drink, with Vodka and Tabasco.

Then we went to another bar, drank some beers and played table tennis.

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