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Day 10-11, Klaipeda/Curonian Spit

October 18, 2012

Day 10, 22.7, Vilnius-Siauliai-Klaipeda

My first real hitch-hiking journey was about to begin that day. We got up early but though managed to start hitch-hiking at 2pm. But it worked out quite well. After 20 minutes a BMW took us some kilometres. Then we had to wait for nearly an hour and were about to hitch-hike back when a woman stopped and took us some more 60km. Finally an Audi Q7 stopped and the driver, a Latvian Michael Schumacher, drove us with 220km/h – 110 were allowed – to Siauliai.

There U. met some friends, we drank coffee and went by train during sunset to Klaipeda.

Day 11, 23.7, Nida/Curonian Spit

In the morning I took the ferry to the Curonian Spit and hitch-hiked to Nida, which is the southernmost town before the Russian border.

I took some walks around the dunes and beaches and enjoyed the sunny weather.

On my way back a Russian from Moscow took me in his Lexus LX570 back to the ferry to Klaipeda.

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