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Day 1-2, Berlin-Warsaw

October 18, 2012

Day One, Friday 13th, Berlin-Warsaw-Kiev

As usual when I start to travel, I got up early in the morning at 4am.

I like to start my travel when it’s still dark and most people are still sleeping.

I took the commuter train at 6am to the German-Polish border, Frankfurt(Oder).

The Berlin-Warszawa-Express arrived in time, but didn’t move. Soon it became clear, that the Polish railway stuff wanted to sleep a bit longer this Friday, however they didn’t show up. So I had to wait 3 hours for the following train to Warsaw. As if it wasn’t enough bad luck this Friday 13th, the following train had 30 minutes delay. Great! That meant I couldn’t catch the train from Warsaw to Kiev and had to spend one, unplanned, night in Warsaw.

Fortunately I meet a young Polish couple, working in Berlin, who helped me get a new ticket to Kiev same time the next day.

Afterwards I searched like crazy for a CouchSurfing Host, but kind of failed with only using my eBook reader and mobile phone. Anyway in the evening I went to nearby Novotel to use a proper PC there. And within seconds the requests I sent from there were answered by phone! I was totally surprised, because I didn’t expect this fast positive feed-back.

In the end the charming Warsaw city girl V. picked me up.

Day 2, 14.7, Warsaw-Kiev

The next try to get to Kiev began with a nice breakfast with my CS host. Then V. showed me a bit of the old-town, which is really pretty.

The time till the train’s departure I spent reading at the river Wisla.

The train journey itself was horrible. I shared my compartment with a Polish guy and an old Ukrainian couple. The husband talked the whole journey. He didn’t shut up and told his life story or what-so-ever; it was awful. Even at night he continued wasn’t silent; he snored…

Next (Kiev) >

Next (Kiev) >

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